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Dewey Cooper: Head Coach of The Las Vegas Hustle in Team Combat League

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Dewey Cooper, a former kickboxer and boxer, has taken on the role of Head Coach for The Las Vegas Hustle, a team within the Team Combat League. As a prominent figure in combat sports, Cooper brings his expertise and experience and is working hard to lead the Las Vegas team to victory in the 2023 Team Combat League season.

The Las Vegas Hustle: A Team to Watch

The Las Vegas Hustle is a formidable team within the Team Combat League, representing the vibrant city of Las Vegas. Known for their passion, skill, and determination, the Las Vegas Hustle aims to dominate the competition in their pursuit of glory.

Under the guidance of Head Coach Dewey Cooper, along with Assistant Coach David Hayes and Specialty Coach Timmy Cuamba, the Las Vegas Hustle’s roster of talented fighters is ready to showcase their abilities and represent their city with pride.

The Roster: A Diverse and Skilled Lineup

The Las Vegas Hustle boasts a diverse roster of fighters across various weight classes. Let’s take a look at the talented individuals who will be stepping into the ring under the guidance of Coach Dewey Cooper:

Female Featherweight – 126 lbs

  • Erisnelsy Torres Castillo
  • Florencia Pajares Britos
  • Kylie Fulmer

Male Lightweight – 135 lbs

  • James Earle
  • Deonte Brown
  • Sha’Rod Williams

Male Welterweight – 147 lbs

  • Ronnie Austion
  • Sanjarbek Rahkmanov
  • Allen Medina

Male Middleweight – 160 lbs

  • Alexander Thiel
  • Daquan Wyatt

Male Light Heavyweight – 175 lbs

  • Samuel Arnold III
  • Mykelle Henderson
  • Lanell Bellow

Male Heavyweight – 201+ lbs

  • Michael Hunter
  • Giovanni Scuderi
  • Skylar Lacy

With such a talented and dedicated lineup, the Las Vegas Hustle is set to make a strong impact in the Team Combat League and compete for the championship title.

Team Combat League: A Unique Franchise Format

Team Combat League stands out as the world’s only boxing league with a franchise team format. It embraces diversity by featuring active members of both genders on the same team, fostering inclusivity and creating an exciting dynamic within the league.

In the 2023 season, The Las Vegas Hustle and five other teams from different cities across the United States will engage in thrilling matches over a 12-week period at Mohegan Sun in Connecticut. The top four teams will then advance to a one-night semi-final doubleheader, leading to the ultimate showdown in the TCL Mega Brawl.

The Journey to Victory

As the Head Coach of The Las Vegas Hustle, Dewey Cooper’s leadership, expertise, and strategic guidance will be instrumental in guiding his team to success. With a talented roster of fighters and a strong team spirit, the Las Vegas Hustle aims to leave an indelible mark on the 2023 Team Combat League season and make their city proud.

As fans eagerly anticipate the upcoming matches and the intense competition, all eyes will be on Dewey Cooper and The Las Vegas Hustle, ready to witness their skill, determination, and unwavering spirit as they pursue victory in the Team Combat League.

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