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Entertainment/Sports Marketing Dude…oh, and I can sing, too

I am passionate about the transformative power of entertainment, the thrill of sports, and the endless possibilities of technology.

BIG GEORGE FORMAN MOVIEKhris Davis (George Foreman), Carlos Takam (Joe Frazier), Shaun Williamson (Manager/Agent)
Hey there, welcome to my blog! This is where I unpack topics like sports, marketing, music, Film, and related tech trends. I hope to engage you with interesting insights and stimulate thoughtful discussions. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts!

Having bathed in the roar of the crowd and stood in the limelight for four decades as a professional singer, I’ve come to understand that the quest for a lasting legacy and steady income doesn’t dim when the final note fades. The stage may change, but the drive to make an impact remains. Now, in my new role as a consultant at Numinal, I use strategic planning and intelligent marketing to help fellow artists and athletes navigate their post-career journey.

Cultivating a Legacy Beyond the Performance

In my transition from the stage to Numinal, I’ve realized that the finale of an entertainer’s active career isn’t the end. Instead, it’s a new beginning, a chance to morph your legacy into a potent and lasting brand. Utilizing their expertise in artist marketing and personal branding, we at Numinal assist our clients in honing a unique value proposition that mirrors their ethos and resonates with their audience.

Embracing Marketing Opportunities Beyond Active Careers

Marketing isn’t a tool exclusive to those currently under the spotlight. Even after stepping away from the stage, individuals can effectively use marketing strategies to sustain their relevance, broaden their influence, and create consistent income streams. By leveraging their personal brand, they can engage with their fans in meaningful ways, create new opportunities, and continue to build their legacy. At Numinal, we specialize in helping these individuals unleash and utilize their post-career marketing potential.

Capitalizing on the Influence of Digital Media

In this modern digital era, the role of social media and online platforms is pivotal in building a brand. At Numinal, we offer comprehensive media planning, tailor-made to cater to each client’s specific needs. Our strategic amplification approach ensures your message resonates powerfully across all channels, from TV and social media to PR and advertising.

Exploring the Potential of NFTs

The advent of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) has reshaped the landscape of sports and entertainment. At Numinal, we are at the forefront of this evolution, guiding our clients through the NFT terrain. We create NFTs that not only stand out but also generate long-term value for you, your fans, and your sponsors.

In conclusion, Numinal is more than just a sports and entertainment marketing company. We are partners in shaping enduring legacies and cultivating sustainable income streams. If you’re an athlete or entertainer looking to solidify your legacy and create lasting income streams, we should connect. Together, we can help you thrive in your post-career journey, just as I have in mine.



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