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BIG GEORGE FORMAN MOVIEKhris Davis (George Foreman), Carlos Takam (Joe Frazier), Shaun Williamson (Manager/Agent)
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Spotlight on Cameroon: Showcasing the Untapped Talent of Africa

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In the world of talent and creativity, no continent remains as vastly untapped as Africa. And today, I want to shine the spotlight on two extraordinary individuals from Cameroon who are making waves in their respective fields – the brilliant actor Dupree Koual and international heavyweight boxing champion Carlos Takam.

Starting with Dupree, an actor whose talent knows no bounds. From his humble beginnings as the 10th child in a family of 11 in Cameroon, Dupree has journeyed through the world of acting, leaving his mark with powerful performances. His roles range from his unforgettable character Emanuel in the hit Cameroonian TV series “BAD ANGEL” to his recent performance in the 2022 film “STRIPPED”.

Dupree’s talent is not confined to the borders of Cameroon or even Africa. He is a global talent who has honed his craft at prestigious institutions like the New York Film Academy, Rain Dance Film School in London, and the National Institute of Fine Art in Mumbai.

As a close friend and collaborator of Dupree, I am committed to helping him secure a larger audience here in the USA. But why stop at Dupree? My mission extends to showcasing the wealth of talent that Africa has to offer across all domains – music, sports, business, acting – you name it.

This brings me to Carlos Takam, an international heavyweight boxing champion and another shining star from Cameroon. Over the past three years, I’ve had the privilege of serving as Carlos’ confidant, brand architect, and movie agent. Together, we’ve made remarkable strides, one of the most notable being Carlos’ role as Joe Frazier in the SONY/AFFIRM film “BIG GEORGE FOREMAN”, currently showing in theaters.

Both Dupree and Carlos are prime examples of Africa’s untapped potential. Their stories highlight the continent’s rich array of talent, which, I believe, deserves recognition and appreciation on the global stage.

In this era of global connectivity, it’s time we embrace the incredible talent that Africa has to offer. Here’s to a future where talent knows no borders and where the cultural riches of Africa can be shared and celebrated worldwide. Let’s break boundaries, build bridges, and open our minds to the diversity and richness that our global community has to offer.


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